Virtual World Simulations are the cornerstone of our innovations. Our team has developed a digital application which simulates an organization’s work positions, professional tasks and real-life interactive situations. The application is usually a simulation of a real work environment within which the user “plays the role” of an employee, communicating – with text or voice – and performs movements/activities within the virtual space and makes decisions as if actually on the job.

Innovative tools combing cutting edge technologyand scientific methods for personnel selection and evaluation, performance assessment and training.

Our innovative method takes the assessment of personnel skill and competency to the next level by eliminating the shortcomings of the typical assessment tools such as subjective judgment, low predictive validity etc.

Systematic validation and accreditation mechanisms should make clear which skills are available, thus facilitating a better match between skills and the labor market trends, addressing skill shortages in growing sectors.

According to modern task-oriented approaches to organization of work, jobs and work positions are analyzed in a modular structure of different tasks, which correspond to specific sets of required knowledge, skills and competences.


Our solution adds value to your business by offering:


Implementing industry’s best practices and company norms.Standardization, validity, reliability, objectivity.


Combination of scientific knowledge and technological expertise.


Job-specific & behavior-focused training, assessment, personnel selection and certification.


One application, serving multiple HR needs, for large numbers of users, from a distance, in multiple languages.


Time and Place-Independent access for a great number of persons.Setting your own benchmarks through customization.


Quick and easy modification of content.Reduction of administrative and traditional HRM costs through automation.


Our solutions are dynamic and evolving. Thus, their life-cycle is increasing and there is always the ability of continuous adaptation to the client’s ever changing needs.

  • Build up of a competitive advantage from the early adoption of our innovative solution
  • Self-evaluation of knowledge, skills and competences and further improvement them through frequent practice.
  • On-the-job evaluation, training and selection of personnel.
  • Increased participation in the learning / training process.
  • Learning and training through exploration and experimentation.
  • Opportunity to acquire work experience prior to recruitment increasing thus productivity.
Professional experience, generic (soft) skills and the specified skills can be accurately recorded.

  • Evaluation is based on a person’s “actual” behavior and on actual decision made on site”, and not only on psychometric measurements which can only indirectly assess human characteristics and predict behaviors.
  • A wide variety of different working conditions can be simulated and many people’s behaviors within these different conditions can be recorded and documented at a relatively low cost.
  • The events taking place are also controlled by the scenario programmer, so multiple scenarios can be generated (systematically or randomly), thus increasing the scope, as well as the reliability of the measurement.
The client controls the degree of interactivity incorporated in each application according to his preference between individualistic or collaborative approach. Training, evaluation, recruitment and certification in a simulated virtual environment, avoids incurring all the risks which a company undertakes in carrying out these procedures in the real work environment:

  • Risks for the corporate image to clients.
  • Financial or technical risks (incurred from mistakes or trainees or employees under evaluation).
  • Risks from the subjectivity of trainers / evaluators, etc.
Quality assurance, validity and reliability in the assessment and/or training process, through the elimination of the possibility of error by the human factor.

  • Once the application is designed and properly configured, the procedures are standardized and 100% controlled by the company, without elements of subjectivity, random effects of outside factors, etc.
  • There is increased reliability in the evaluation and in recording a user’s behavior.

The proportion of qualitative – quantitative assessment is fully customizable by the client.    

Fully customized solutions, maximizing the effectiveness of the services provided.

  • The services provided are customized 100% to the particular needs and priorities of the company (following, for example, the internal regulations for carrying out jobs/tasks, the procedures provided for in the company’s quality assurance manuals, best practices established through the company’s functioning, etc.).
  • The services also include needs-analysis for companies and collaborative application design so as to maximize value-for-money.

Example: Our client can decide which tasks, knowledge and skills are important for the simulated job position. He chooses which situations or examples of activity are typical or of particular interest for his company. Finally he can decide which is ‘best practice’ and which procedure(s) is(are) in line with your company’s internal regulation or practice.    

Flexibility in terms of trade policy and strategic cooperation with the customer:

  • Sale of products or services or engineering (pay-as-service with hosting, installation H/W and S/W, rights to use, etc).
  • Optional contracts for “technical” and “scientific” support in all of the above cases.
  • Training of personnel in the use of the application.
  • Possibility of strategic partnerships on joint development and promotion of the services in other markets (e.g. certification of persons in the labor market).

Option regarding replacement or supplement with existing procedures and practices for recruitment, assessment and training. Example: A client who is already working with a large personnel recruitment company may not wish to replace existing personnel assessment procedures, but to employ our product and services for supplementing these procedures or simply for personnel training.    

Consulting services and scientific support are offered during the design/customization of the application. Easy adaptation and (re)adjustment to the client’s changing or expanding needs.

  • Option of continuous service updates (new tasks to be evaluated, change in the mode of evaluation/assessment, addition of new scenarios for the position assessed, etc.).
  • Option of continuous extension of services to new work positions and specialties of the company, with significant economies of scale.
More productive and efficient evaluation and recruitment process.Our application can quickly unveil a person’s weaknesses in relation to the needs of the job/profession and can guide him/her through a personalized path of learning and/or skills development. Ability to design and implement multiple scenarios and working conditions.The application reduces the time required for assessment, training, etc. and hence reduces their cost.The system’s efficiency increases dramatically as the client can choose the specific situations/circumstances/requirements of the work environment. Increased ROI, since the cost of development is amortized through the use of the application for a large number of employees and/or through the repeated use over time by the same people, with low operating costs and guaranteed efficiency. Creating economies of scale in cases where a company has a large number of employees or applicants for a job position.    


  Training / Education institutions Large corporations Certification bodies HR Consulting firms Recruiting firms
Personnel Performance appraisal   X X X X
Personnel selection    X X X X
Training needs analysis X X X X  
Internship / on-the-job Training X X   X X
Certification of professional knowledge and skills     X X X