Participation in the "Career Opportunities Day" organized by the German School of Athens.

Human Innovation Technologies SA pursues its dynamic entry in the sector of HRM services in Germany and German-speaking countries by participating in the “Career Opportunities Day” organized by the German School of Athens.

Monday, November 24, 2014 – Human Innovation Technologies SA, a leading company in Europe specializing in developing high-tech solutions for all HRM functions, has proven that Greek entrepreneurship can be competitive and claim a place among the leaders of European and international markets, through investment in R&D and innovation.

Based in Rhodes, Human Innovation Technologies SA is a start-up company expanding its activity initially in the French and now in the German market. To this end, the company participated in the “Career Opportunities Day” organized for the second time by the German School of Athens in which dozens of companies and organizations from the employment industry and the Human Resources Management industry in Germany have participated. During the event, Human Innovation Technologies presented its innovative products which utilize simulations of working environments in virtual world, and offer the most comprehensive solutions to businesses for the efficient development, training and assessment of their human resources. At the same time, the company’s services are the most effective tools for graduates who wish to enter the labor market and wish to be able to effectively identify their knowledge and professional skills and build their professional profile.

During his contacts with alumni and representatives of German institutions and companies, Dr. Stelios Kouzeleas – Business Development Director noted that “our participation in the “Career Opportunities Day” of the German School of Athens has a dual purpose for us. First of all, our aim is to help graduates of the School build their professional “identity” using the most modern and effective tools of the market and simultaneously to cultivate new partnerships and synergies with professionals, organizations and businesses and thus enhance the prospects for entry in the markets of Germany and German speaking countries. Germany traditionally focuses on the importance of human resources in relation to productivity growth and therefore it is an ideal environment for the implementation of the highly innovative solutions proposed by the Human Innovation Technologies “.