Human Innovation Technologies S.A. responds to French companies’ training needs

“Les entretiens de la formation professionelle”: Human Innovation Technologies places the most innovative tools for professional training at the disposal of companies and HR professionals.

As French companies are struggling to comply with the latest changes in corporate legislation, Human Innovation Technologies responds to their increased training needs with innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions.

Professional training becomes a critical process for french companies, and its executives are facing multiple current and future challenges. Those challenges were extensively discussed during the conference “Les entretiens de la formation professionelle”, which was organized by GARF (Groupement des acteurs et responsables de formation) on November 4-5 and Human Innovation Technologies was present.

According to the Business Development Manager of the company, Elias Karavolias “After many years of R&D and academic research, Human Innovation Technologies S.A. is today uniquely positioned to assist organizations and businesses by offering an innovative professional training solution. V-Training is highly cost-effective, flexible, adaptable and fully customizable, adding a competitive advantage to training process.”