The Greek Emotional Intelligence Scale (GEIS) is the first psychometric test to have been developed and validated for the Greek population. Based on the most comprehensive theoretical model, GEIS has been designed to measure the most important dimensions of emotional intelligence according to the trait theory approach.


The Spatial Αbility Τest (ΤΑΧ) has been developed to measure a person’s ability to understand and recognize spatial relations. ΤΑΧ is the only spatial test developed in the Greek language, and one of the few world-wide tests that conceptualizes spatial ability as a multi-dimensional concept.


The ΚΛΙ.ΜΑ.Σ. is a psychometric tool that has been developed to identify the individuals’ natural or habitual pattern of acquiring and processing information in learning situations. KΛΙΜΑΣ is based on the most influential theoretical model, and can help the individual to discover what kind of learner he/she is.


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