Cooperation between two promising Greek companies with international orientation!

Two SMEs and promising Greek companies, Human Innovation Technologies S.A. and Tourism Apps IKE, have announced their commercial collaboration aiming to promote specialized digital applications for professional training, assessment and certification of qualifications in the international hotel industry. According to this cooperation, Tourism Apps has taken over the promotion of digital applications developed by Human-iTech to the global network of its partners and customers (50,000 hotels and 5,000 travel agencies).

Human-iTech develops simulations of working environments in virtual worlds (Virtual World Simulations) for professional training, assessment and certification of qualifications for the hotel industry professionals, aiming to help customers to significantly improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of such operations.

Tourism Apps IKE specializes in providing innovative digital marketing and promotion services to travel companies, organizations and agencies. It, also, provides a greek Channel Manager service (Central Management System and distribution hotel inventory) especially for hotels and accommodation. Tourism Apps IKE expects to expand its business by utilizing the existing partner and customers’ network to promote Human-iTech’s applications.